~ Rules of the Challenge ~

All challenges need rules - and objectives. Otherwise we don't know if we've succeeded, or if we've cheated. If it's all written down, it's all clear. For this challenge, I want to know if it's possible to have a normal life, but without a permanent home; and to know if living this way feels like a new kind of freedom, or a burden that isn't worth the trouble. These are my rules. Hopefully they achieve my goals.

1) I must live my life as close to normally as I can - the degree of normality, measured on my own (admittedly subjective) scale, will tell us how viable living like this would be long term

2) I must not stay overnight in my own house - and should endeavour not to enter my house at all; though within the first week I will allow a few visits to get any kit I may have forgotten

3) I should not stay overnight with friends, or in hotels, any more often than I ordinarily would (which is rarely)

I also want to see how my expectations of this micro-adventure change over the course of the month. To this end, I am going to list the things I think are going to be the hardest to deal with, and see how they compare to reality. I expect the following things to be difficult about this experience

-> The cold (pretty obvious)

-> Having no private place to relax in the evening

-> Ironing. I can deal with laundromats but where can I iron?

-> Food. Man cannot live on take-away alone...or can he?

-> Waking up with a farmer standing over me with a pitch fork - unless I stay on a camping site I will need to be creative in where I sleep