Dream Bigger


You want to get involved in something more adventurous, but you have a full time job, limited funds - and don't really want to commit to a large scale expedition. What's more, you want to experience as many things as possible, without having to train or devote yourself to learning skills for months on end. This page is full of our hand picked, personal accounts of micro adventures - adventures lasting between one and four weeks, which anyone can do, anywhere. They are cheap, you don't need much equipment and you can fit them around a normal lifestyle (just). These micro adventures may sound simple or easy - try one and think again.

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The SoHo HoBo

Is it possible to live as a modern nomad - having the freedom of the road, but still maintaining a normal life and holding down a job?

The Arran Dash

75 Miles of walking around the Isle of Arran (Scotland), with only 2.5 days including travel time - carrying all our own gear

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