Day 3 - Phase 3 (13:27)

I've just woken up from a really good sleep. I woke up feeling so much better than the last phase. I'm not silly enough to think I'm adapting though, as this happened to the guy on you tube (on day 3 as well). Let's see what happens.

Day 3 - Phase 6 (01:56)

Here comes the pain! Over the last few phases I've noticed a real acceleration in the degradation of my state of mind and increase in sleepiness. I now feel really, really tired. I had thought that perhaps I would be able to skirt round this bit without having to go through the major sleep dep. It's strange, as I've seen other people make this same mistake and think that they're not getting into the sleep dep. It really does creep up on you over the first 3 days. The other problem is how long each day seems to be. I know on an intellectual level that I only have 2 days left to run before I should start to feel better, but I feel like I've been doing this for a week already, and I've only just done under 3 days (and these were the easy days). I'm starting to see why there's a 90 - 98% drop out rate. I thought it had been a bit too easy...

There's no way I'm pulling out of this now, though.

So by the end of day three the "honeymoon" period was beginning to wear off, and the reality and enormity of what I was trying to do had begun to take hold. It's funny to look back on these "early days" in some ways, because although the pain and misery I was suffering at this point were very real, they were a bloody holiday compared with what was to come in the next few days!