~ Day 3, 4 & 5 - Enter The Pain ~

Much to my surprise (and dismay) I had not found the first three days anything like as difficult as the books and blogs had suggested I would. I didn't like this. I always find I'm most comfortable when I'm on the "same page" as everybody else. I like to know that I am on the right path and what I can expect to come up next.

When you're seriously sleep deprived, your body will start to play gorilla tactics upon you in order to get you to stop and go back to "normal". As I didn't know for sure that I was doing the right thing (i.e. I wasn't at the same place as others thought I should be) my mind used this doubt and tried to convince me to quit.

Day 3 - Phase 2 (09:46)

I had been concerned that I was not as tired as described in the book, and was therefore not adapting correctly. I slept really well in my last nap, and it seemed to last a lot longer than 20 mins. When I woke from it, I had a false awakening (I think), where I dreamed (?) that I was getting up before the alarm went off. Perhaps I was just half asleep. I've taken a serious turn for the worse since my last phase today. Really knackered now. Tonight may be really difficult. Still no trouble at all actually getting out of bed at the alarm, which I am very happy about. Still finding that a bit of up-beat music after I get up does the best for me. Cooking breakfast now. Walking down to the shops was very surreal...dizzy all the way.

I had a very quick micro sleep at the very end of the last phase as well, but I didn't even close my eyes, I just started for no reason...very odd!

I go to bed at about 3 mins to the rest period, so have 23mins in practice, but this seems to work well for me. I seem to be waking up around the time my alarm goes off now...but this can't be a habit...I don't know why that is. And that doesn't always happen.