Day 2 - Phase 5 (02:16)

Well I've been awake for roughly 46 hours now. I've noticed that the naps at the moment are a bit of a double edged sword. They are a great relief (and with the exception of 1 session I have been able to sleep - or at least black out), but every time I have a nap, the session afterward is a little bit harder. I find it successively harder to get up after each nap, though my head has so far cleared after about 10 mins after getting up...but I also feel a bit more tired during the waking times after each nap. I can quite see that if this continues, it will be a proper test of my dedication and commitment. Day 4 and 5 may well be killers! All things considered though, things are going very well. I had a good sleep in the last nap session (1AM). It's hard to tell if and when you sleep though, as you literally blank out. The only way I can get any kind of handle on this is to notice how quickly the alarm seems to go off.

I've noticed that playing up-beat music after waking has a marked impact on how awake I least in the short term.