I'm going to do my first nap in about an hour. I think this will make me worse not better, but we'll see. I'm going to try to get my computer based alarm clock working in the next session, as I only have my phone alarm to wake me for this nap. I hope it'll be sufficient, as I'm not really that tired at the moment...I think. Having said all that...I'm looking at my bed, and it's definitely giving me the eye. I may have to move in and sleep with it! ;-)

Day 2 - Phase 3 (17:22)

It's all seemed quite easy up till now, but I am feeling a bit off after my last nap. Until this one I have been able to sleep in some form. I didn't get much or any sleep in the last one, so this may make this stint a bit pants. The day itself has gone well. Done a lot of things and the time has gone at it's own pace, not mine (so very slowly). My appetite has also seemed to be reduced. Not eaten much today at all.

In all the naps up until now, I get to sleep within about 5-10 mins of going to bed. The last one was a bit longer (if indeed I got to sleep at all - it's hard to tell). I'm quite impressed though, overall, as I thought it'd be a lot harder for me to nap. I guess taking the 24 hours without sleep to start with helped with this.