~ Day 9 - Mistakes Happen to the Best of Us ~

I woke up after my 9am nap on day nine feeling better than I had in a long time. I went for a walk around a local park and felt amazing. I had no mental chatter going on at all, and I felt refreshed (comparatively) and wonderful. I had had no narcolepsy at all during the 1am ?9am period, which I had been greatly fearing because of the pain of the last two or three days. As I went through the day I had great nap after great nap, and I started to dare to hope that I was on the mend. I had rashly agreed to go out with a friend to a bar that night. I had feared I would have to cancel, but with these kind of improvements, I may be able to make it...and not be a jabbering fool.

Then I had a pivotal moment. I had my 1pm nap and it was bad. It was so bad in fact, that I was zombified for about two hours afterwards. I got totally down hearted and started pacing around my house going over all the reasons I should give up right then and there. Somehow, even in this dark time, I managed to hold it together and stay awake. I went to watch some TV and take my mind off things, but day-time TV during the week is not great, and nothing held my interest. I remember doing some clock watching, and noticed that it was about 2:30pm. The next thing I remember, I was standing up and looking at myself in the mirror...which is over the other side of the room.

I was a bit shocked, and had no idea how I got over there at all. I looked at the clock and found that 10 minutes had passed. I was sure I had slept at some point in that time. This was a major disappointment. I hadn't even so much as overslept by a minute up until this point. It's hard to understand using normal, rested logic, but this spelled a total failure to me at the time. I decided (and it was a conscious decision) to terminate the Uberman experiment. The fact that I had put SO much into the process didn't even enter my mind. I went to bed and I slept.