~ Day 8 - Free LSD Alternative Found ~

As expected, I recovered a little bit during the day. For some reason the day light gives you a powerful boost, and it no longer seems as important to sleep. I had, by now, learned to fear the darkness, especially the hours between 1am and 9am. It continually amazed me that only eight days had passed, rather than a couple of weeks, as it seemed to me. There was so much time, and I couldn't use it because I was so tired. I simply wondered around in a total haze. I knew that once I could use all this time I would be thankful that there was so much of it...but not on day eight. I just wanted time to speed up and get me back to a non-zombified state of being.

The day passed very slowly and I thought about quitting more than once. I tried cooking something fancy as a method of distraction, but I no longer trusted myself with fire or sharp knives, so quickly gave up. DVD's were out of the question, as was reading (which I didn't feel like doing at any rate). YouTube still held some interest, but there is only so much time you can spend doing one thing before you get bored with it and need something else. In that mental state, the amount of time I could focus on one task was very small. I was like a two year old child on a sugar high, I needed constant stimulation or I'd crash out and have a tantrum.

Somehow I got through the day, but I was fighting tooth and nail to do it. Time moved more slowly than I have ever experienced it moving before, and I had to constantly remind myself of how much I wanted to succeed, and how much I had now put into the process. At about 2am I once more headed up to the downs, as it was one of the only places that was big enough to walk in without finding an end. It was also very cold up there, as it was flat and open to the wind, which helped me a lot.

When I got up there I found it completely deserted, as expected. But on second inspection there was a car parked next to the grass, almost totally hidden from view. Another hallucination? I wondered what this one could really be, if not a car. I moved dazedly towards it, and was surprised when the car put on it's reverse lights. Why bother? There was no-one to advise that he was reversing, except me, and I was on the grass well away from the car.