~ Day 7 - Sleep Walking, And Friendly Police Men ~

I didn't keep a diary on day seven. My mind was not in a blogging kind of place, and I couldn't settle to any one thing for any length of time. I could continue to tell you how unpleasant the process of adapting was, especially on this day, but it may provide more of an insight to recount what happened early in the morning of the seventh day. It gives you an idea of just how far gone I was at the time:-

I had decided to go for another night time walk, to keep from falling asleep while standing up. Only the chill of the night air and the physical motion of walking were enough during the night time hours to keep me awake now. I wondered aimlessly for a while and found myself walking up to the downs, a wide open grassy common area, about two miles from where I live.

I was hallucinating pretty badly all the way up to the downs, seeing first single people following or in front of me, then whole groups. I could even hear the sound of their trousers rubbing together as they walked. This turned out to be the sound my water-proof jacket was making as I walked, but I didn't realize until I came upon the group of people and found them to be a traffic light.

I must have looked a real sight, standing there analyzing the traffic lights with a totally confused look on my sleep deprived face. The police men who were waiting at the lights certainly thought so. They got out and asked me a few questions. I didn't even know what day of the week it was. They decided that I was on drugs. I tried to explain otherwise, but I couldn't express myself in any way that made sense. They bundled me into the back of the police car and took me to the nearest police station. During the whole ordeal, all I could think was, "shit, what if I miss my next nap?". Luckily it was a slow night at the station and after a good deal of effort (and a breath test), I managed to explain what I was doing, and that there was no need to be alarmed.