~ Day 6 - Are You a Man or a Mouse ~

The adaptation process definitely went up a gear on day six. I had needed to walk for most of the night, just to keep from falling asleep, and I expected that at 9am things would settle back to normal (or at least manageable) levels. What I didn't know was that I was about to enter the narcolepsy phase. This is something which creeps up on you, with a steady degradation of your faculties, until you suddenly get your first bout. The daylight hours of today would be awful, but they would be my last hours before narcolepsy set in. And in hindsight, I should have treasured these hours of pain.

Day 6 - Phase 2 (09:46)

Thank god 9am is out the way. I thought I would give in during the small hours last night. It got really tough. I walked all around the town center, and out into the countryside a bit. I probably covered a good 20 miles in total. I had to go back half way through for a nap of course, so I didn't get as far as I could have done. I was hallucinating pretty badly on my walks, both with sounds and with what I could see. I was convinced that people were following me. I could hear and see them, but when I got closer they were traffic cones or sign posts.

Having read two of the most famous blogs online, from people who had actually succeeded with the Uberman where so many had failed, I was confident that I would adapt to the process either tomorrow (day 7) or the day after. Both of these well informed sources (who had hundreds of pages of resources on their sites) adapted on day seven or eight, after a really bad night on day six. Well I had had my really bad night, and was due a break...wasn't I?