~ Day 1 & 2 - Getting Into The Flow ~

I was so excited to be starting my Uberman experience. I kept detailed notes on everything I did because I wanted, first and foremost, to understand the experience as deeply as possible. To retell my experience as accurately as possible, I have used extracts from the diary I kept at the time (in blue boxes), with additional comments added around these to give more insight into my frame of mind at the time. Let's dive in!

Day 1 - Phase 1 (05:20)

It's now 5:45am on Thursday the 1st of April 2010. As an April fools joke my computer pretended not to be able to start (blue screen of death). As most of my activities for the next few days revolve around my computer (games, blogging, programming, DVD's, etc) I was not best pleased...but no harm, no fowl.

I didn't find it hard to get up today....it was quite exciting. I expect the eagerness to fade quite quickly.

I had been terrified about over-sleeping before starting my attempt, so went to a DIY shop and tried to build something that I couldn't possibly sleep through. I figured a face full of water would be practically un-sleep-through-able. It turns out that a few other Uberman-ers have had a similar thought, though I didn't know this at the time.

I bought my shower alarm (or at least all the parts for it) yesterday. The shop "assistants" seemed to be actively trying to stop me buying the parts I wanted from their shop, by saying that they didn't stock them...so in the end I found them all myself (the true sense of DIY)!