~ Conclusions ~

I don't regret my first failure with Uberman. I learned more doing it this way than I ever could have done if I had aced it the first time through. I suppose that's always the way. I'm also a die hard optimist. So what did I learn from the first attempt? Firstly that I could complete the adaptation if I really put my mind to it. It's important to remember that, although everyone focuses on the adaptation process, the whole point is to get adapted as quickly as possible and actually live on Uberman, and enjoy it.

I had felt the improvement in my mental state on day nine, I just got bogged down with a small set-back (a really bad nap). Had I got over that bump, would I have been near to adapting? Who knows. We never get told what would have happened. As I was to find out in my next attempt, I was close, but I would have had to hold on for a few more days before I adapted.

This attempt helped me a lot with my second, more successful attempt. Without the experience I gained on the first try, I would have found the second much more difficult. Small things like knowing that video games help you overcome narcolepsy, or that you need a busy social calendar and supportive friends to keep you busy. These things were not obvious to me the first time around, but turned out to be crucial on the second go.

It was also vital for me to realize that I wasn't going to adapt in seven days. I had my target of seven days to adaptation in my head from the very beginning the first time around, and when I found out that this wasn't going to be the case, it crushed my resolve. Had I known from the outset that it would have been more like 16 days, I may have been able to hold out, and I wouldn't have thought it so odd that I wasn't on track by day nine.

I also needed to write down my reasons for doing the Uberman, so that during the dark times I could re-read them and assert to myself the importance of not giving in. This point in particular was responsible for my success the second time around. It's therefore no small point to consider.