~ Two Weeks Down ~

Needless to say, I took the bus. The idea of me in control of a vehicle was not to be imagined as I set out for work at six in the morning. I had calculated my naps very carefully from the outset so that they would not conflict with any important times at work. I think most people, if they think creatively, can find a way to fit it into their lives. My naps were just before I would start work in the morning (but still at work) and at lunch time (which was mine to do what I wanted with in any case), then early evening,when I planned to be back from work. I was able to leave work early because I planned to be in so early as compensation.

Finding a place to sleep was not easy, but it was not difficult either. A sympathetic co-worker with a spare car in the employee car-park, or who lives very close to work would have done the trick. I was even luckier in so much as we had a spare "library" at work that nobody used. I took an air-bed from home and a travel pillow and simply printed out an official looking notice saying that the room was in use, and that "we" could not be interrupted. I never had any problems at all. People obey signs.

I once even heard of a guy who re-decorated a disused cupboard at work. He decked it out with a mattress, pillow and a new bulb for the ceiling light. I told you at the outset that doing something like this would get you a reputation for being strange. Well this is it. But it does show that if you are a bit creative, you can usually mold your situation to suit your needs.