By day 13 I was feeling about the same as day 11 and 12, which is to say...not great. The early morning of day 14, I was fretting about how totally wiped out I looked in the mirror and really concerned that if I went back to work in my current, highly diminished, capacity I would be fired. I'm sure my employers are more forgiving than that, but the mind does like to come up with worst case scenarios to throw at you in the early hours of the morning, especially when it's not slept properly in 14 days.

I can't tell you how close I was to packing it all in and having a few hours sleep before work. I work as a research scientist, so it would be totally obvious if I wasn't performing on a mental level. Thankfully, the situation itself saved me in the end. I was watching the clock, and silently calculating how many hours I had until I had to get ready for work, when it hit me that as I only had five four three hours until work, I could have enough sleep to make it worth my while anyway. Resigned to my fate, I had my last nap before returning to the real world, and then started to get ready for work. At least I didn't have any narcolepsy any more. I had to be thankful for small miracles.