~ The Quiet Before the Storm ~

Day 3

I was expecting to feel better in this period, as I had a false adaptation at this point last time, but no dice. I suppose that's because I really don't feel that bad, and haven't for the entirety of the adaptation so far. Very odd.

Even at this point, the seed was being sown for a very different adaptation to the first, though I didn't know, or at least didn't fully appreciate this at the time.

A friend of mine at work had lent me his Nintendo Wii with Mario Kart, and my evenings for the next few days were very much of the same recipe. I would start out by watching TV (because I wasn't feeling all that bad, and didn't think I would drop off to sleep by mistake). When the good TV ended, normally about midnight, I would change to playing the Wii. This lasted me until about two or three in the morning, when I would normally get a bit bored. At that point I would change to listening music, while doing my nightly "interesting thing", as dictated by my todo list. On day three it was learning to solve the Rubik's cube.

It is surprising just how easy it is to solve the standard three by three by six cube. Of course I was standing on the shoulders of giants. I've said it before and I'll say it again, it's amazing what you can learn from YouTube if you have a few extra hours available. In any case, by the time nine AM rolled around, I could solve a muddled cube in two minutes flat. Quite an achievement for someone who had never so much as completed a cube's side before, though nothing to the 10 second solves I saw online.