~ A New Beginning ~

Day 1

Here we are again! The last time I tried the Uberman, I had been addicted to a couple of songs which I listened to on loop on YouTube. For pure nostalgia I went back to these two songs again (Ceelo Green Forget you and a crazy Japanese song called Dace Boy Thriller), even though I had become sick of them a while ago. It seemed like the right way to start this adaptation.

I hope to find a few more online gems during my extra waking time in the next few days and weeks...but let's not think about the weeks just yet. Seems a long way off at the moment.

As last time, I started today by not sleeping for a full 24 hours. For better or worse, this seemed a good move last time.

I had taken my initial day without sleep, and put it to use "designing" my "list of things to do" for my adaptation period. I say "designing" because it was just that. I hadn't simply written down a vague list of things that would be nice to accomplish, I had taken into account my probable state of mind for the different days of the adaptation, thought about what I would have been able to do in that state of mind last time, and what I just wouldn't have wanted to do. I had also incorporated more social activities, and placed them at strategic points in my adaptation to keep me ticking over.

Crucially I had also made the activities I was going to do more interesting. For example, instead of writing a computer program, I would learn to solve a Rubik's cube. Instead of cleaning my room, I would learn the Korean finger counting system called Chismbop.