~ Nevis, Super Noodles, and Beyond ~

The trudge to the hut was worth it. We had the cabin to ourselves, and there was everything a climber could want: sun, gas heating, food (carried up by us), good company and bunk beds with real matrasses. That morning I think we all really appreciated the simple beauty of the place, and didn't really talk that much. At least I hope that was because of the natural beauty.

We decided that we had just enough time to climb Castle Ridge before the night closed in. After a quick lunch of re-hydrated spaghetti and sauce we set off. It was damp and the rock quite slick. We reached a difficult section of rock before the main climb started, and somehow managed to separate. Unbelievable as it sounds, in the space of only 10 minutes, and on a clear day, we managed to lose each other.

We spent the best part of an hour trying to find each other again. The other two had a map, we had the compass. They had the climbing gear, we had the rope. No one was going anywhere without a bit of teamwork. In the end, and with a good deal of finger-pointing, we did find each other, and had an otherwise uneventful climb. If we could get lost before the climbing started, what did the rest of the trip hold?