The next day rained continually. Camping was not a bundle of laughs. I can grin and bear most things, but waking up wet is unpleasant. Though not nearly as unpleasant as going to bed wet, which is what we were destined to do that night. Due to a leak in the top of the tent we were staying in, all our kit got soaked.

We spent the day messing about in crags in the local area. We did a nice little climb called Secretary's Direct. But climbing back into our wet gear in the evening after a full days climbing received a lot of groans and moans.

We decided it was time to go for an emergency pub dinner. Cash was an issue, but this was a drastic situation. The food was good, but didn't change the fact that we had a wet bed to come back to.

The night passed damply, but the morning dawned bright and clear. This was to be the day we trekked up to the north side of Ben Nevis, and stayed at the CIC hut. A refuge from the ravages of Nevis, and the nicest place we would stay this trip.