~ Scottish 4-Star Routes ~

We had been climbing together for years. Since University we had climbed in Scotland (winter ice climbing), scaled a few peaks in Switzerland, done some sea stack climbing, and traversed the Cuillin ridge. The latter of which almost killed us due to severe dehydration - we couldn't even eat, as we didn't have enough saliva to swallow with. It was worth it though. I still get admiring nods from grizzled mountain climbers in dark taverns when I tell them I completed the Cuillin on my first attempt. And as Matty (left) always says, "It's all about the nods from old beardy's".

Nothing had changed in all those years. Graham (right) was still concerned that his girlfriend would call and he'd miss it, Matty was still taking up the "group slack" by navigating us to the first climb and generally organising everything, and Mark (centre)...was posing. I was taking the photograph, obviously.