~ The Fan Dance ~

The training guide had said "Make no mistake: however fit you are, this is going to make you feel terrible afterwards." But I was in a good mood and felt confident. I was using the Fan Dance as a final mental tick to give me faith that the training I had been doing had paid off. I knew the course I had to follow, I know the weighting I had to carry (35lbs), I knew the time I had to beat and I was just going to do it, no matter how bad it was.

The Fan Dance is a forced march over Pen-Y-Fan and Fan-Y-Big (no sniggering) and back again in the Brecon Beacons, Wales. It is used as the first major test of fitness when trying to join the Special Air Service (SAS). I don't kid myself that I am in their league for a second, but I thought that if I could complete the course in the same time as they did, I would at least be able to call myself fit.