~ Storm On North Col ~

The night had been very windy, and I awoke the next morning to shouts, and radio chatter. I moved to the tent mouth and unzipped the flap. Outside was a foot of snow but perfect blue skies. I got down to the mess tent and wondered where everyone else was. Normally everyone would gather in the mess tent in the morning to chat. I went outside and looked up at Everest and the North Col. It looked so calm and majestic.

I followed the shouting and soon found everyone in the comms tent. As soon as I rounded the corner it was clear that something was very wrong. I tried to get someone to tell me what was going on, but all I got was, "Storm, very bad. Tents no more.", from a care-worn looking porter. No more tents? But all my kit was up there, and I didn't have spares! Then my grogginess slowly cleared, and I realized that there were still three of our team members up there. "How are they?" I asked, nodding my head up towards the Col. "No know", said the porter. Shit.