~ Whistle-Stop Tour ~

In hindsight I should have enjoyed the time I had on the flight more. It was secluded, something that I would not find again for a long while, and comfortable....ditto. We got off the flight and went through customs in Kathmandu. One of our group, Simon, had left his phone on the plane and so we had to wait for a further hour while they failed to find the phone. I felt for Simon, I really did, but after so long without sleep and without being able to move around as I pleased, I was eager to get out of the airport.

We piled into the mini-bus that the company who was supporting us in Kathmandu had provided, each with a garland of flowers around our necks. We travelled through the outskirts of Kathmandu to the city centre and all the sights and smells came back to me from the last time I had been in Nepal. On that occasion I had tried, and failed, to get to Everest base camp on the South side (due to weather stopping planes from landing at Lukla). I had gone on a wonderful trip to Annapurna base camp instead, and fallen in love with the mountains.