~ Blood And Tears ~

It wasn't any easier. I woke up at the crack of dawn, a bit cold and uncomfortable, but otherwise fine. I set about packing up my kit and got ready for the day ahead. I set off on my own, along a well-marked path. Others from my group were ahead and behind me, so I felt very comfortable in my solitude. It was nice actually, having spent all night with another person in my tent, to have some time to myself.

The path dipped down, and soon ran through a frozen river, which had to be carefully picked across. There followed a very steep rise to gain the top of the moraine that runs all the way up the glacier to ABC. As I climbed this, the first of my teammates who had set off about 10 minutes behind me, caught up with me, and we walked together for a time.

At the top of the moraine, I stopped for a while to catch my breath. It was extremely difficult to walk at this altitude, and my pack felt very heavy. As the day progressed more and more of my teammates reached, and then passed me by. It had not escaped my attention that this meant I was slowing down, and finding it harder than most.