~ Hard Slog ~

We spent another day or so at Base Camp to get over the exertion of the acclimatisation peak; a day filled with reading books, chatting with the other members of the team, eating and playing board games. Then it was time for some serious trekking. I had spent hours trying to get my pack down to the bare minimum or weight. It still felt extremely heavy when I put it on.

On the final push for the summit, we would have yaks to take our bags up to ABC, but for now, it was down to us. It took a surprising amount of time to clear Base Camp, moving deliberately slowly across the terminal moraine of the camp to conserve energy.

It was going to be a very long day, with upwards of eight hours of hard trekking. We each had a school style packed lunch, with a box drink, boiled egg (with salt) and some bread and cheese. The later was universally hated, and never eaten, though this didní»t deter the cooks from giving them to us.