~ Home Away From Home ~

I settled in to my new home and got ready for dinner. The toilet was a barrel in a tent, and the altitude made it difficult to walk from one tent to another without getting dizzy, but otherwise it was fantastic. I went into the mess tent for the first time, and was greeted by a table groaning under piles of food and drink. It was as if Kathmandu had come with us.

Dinner was a sizzling Yak stake with chips and vegetables. What luxury. Alas the altitude was still against me (5,160m) so I managed to vomit up the lovely dinner three times shortly after I had eaten it. The night was rounded off when the generator was kicked into life and we watched a film on our mess tent's flat screen TV. I stumbled back to the tent, with a mild headache, after the feature film, wishing that I had had the foresight to bring a thicker jacket and my head torch to the mess tent. I climbed into my tent and marvelled at the layer of frost and ice that covered everything. It was literally freezing cold.