~ North Africa ~

The ten days I spent in Dahab (Egypt) were probably the best training days I've ever had. The terrain was perfect, the weather fantastic, and the only thing to do was exercise. No TV (not that I watch TV much anyway), no distractions, just mile upon mile of deserted...well...desert. And of course the amazing sea. I had only three main aims with this holiday, to train hard, relax hard, and learn to free-dive...hard. All of which I achieved.

The nicest thing was that Li was there with me, and wanted to train with me. We would go for eight mile runs in the deserts, day long walks in the hills and diving in the coral reefs just outside our hotel. And at the end of the day we would relax by the pool, or in a really cool bar by the sea, with fresh fish and rice dishes, and hand squeezed fruit juice. Admittedly, it wasn't good training for the hardships of mountain life, but to hell with that, it was training paradise!