~ Lochranza ~

Throughout the day, we had been happy with our progress. We had been estimating our speed, and we were averaging an ambitious four miles per hour. We couldn't understand, however, why we were making so little progress around the outside of the island, if we were going so quickly. After a bit of pondering, we realised we were doing four kilometres an hour, not four miles an hour. So much for intensive military training on map reading and navigation!

I wont pretend it wasn't a blow. We had a lot of land to cover, and not much time. The light, even on a summer's day was against us, though. We stumbled into Lochranza and looked for food and a place to bed down for the night. The food was horrible, again, but very welcome. We tried to get beds at the local youth hostel, but for some reason they were only accepting women on that night. I offered to tuck it between my legs. We were asked to leave.