~ The Trouble with Goats ~

To our left we saw rolling hills and, in the distance, a very large hill with a cloud obscuring its top. We consulted our map and saw that this was Goat Fell. The two of us love climbing and cragging, and were pulled towards the idea of taking a ramble up the fell, even though we were on a very tight schedule.

We noticed that the route over the fell took a sizable chunk out of the coastal paths route, and the rise in elevation going over Goat fell didn't seem too severe. After a fair bit of indecision, we decided, 'what the hell, we'd just go for it'. This, as it turned out, was an error in judgement. The cloud hovering over the fell was obscuring the true height and gradient of the hill. What is more, we were soon out of the coastal sunshine and into the cloud base. What had been a sunny day was now cold, wet and miserable. We decided that the best thing was just to get to the top and then continue along the coastal path.