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It's pretty simple: if you're looking for high quality, online, adventure books and articles, you've come to the right place. Our two key requirements for content on this site are that they are original, and that the writer speaks from personal experience. We only take stories from authors who are also public speakers in the adventure domain. That way you will always get an interesting story, told by a professional story-teller. And yes, all the content is totally FREE!

The Adventure Council aims to spark your imagination through the sharing of adventure and experience. We provide content rich adventure stories that are interesting and quirky, and which - we hope - will get you thinking. We hope you enjoy them!

- The Adventure Council Team

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Climbing Mount Everest

Read about our latest crazy mission to climb Mount Everest. This is a personal story of a life long ambition seen through to the bitter end.

Cheat Sleep

Learn to live on two hours sleep a day, long term, and feel better than when you had 10 hours a night.

Micro Adventures

View our great selection of Micro Adventures - small scale adventures lasting between one and four weeks, that anyone can do - even with a full time job

Climbing in Scotland

Four guys, three rolls of toilet paper, some ropes and gear. The idea was simple: climb the Scottish four star routes. The execution was abysmal.

Motivational Speakers

Nothing motivates and engages an audience more than adventure and the unusual. Our speakers work predominantly with young people, but also speak at converences and business seminars, including keynote.

The Committed Project

Find out all about our project to change the lives of a group of young offenders, and influence youth re-offending forever.

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